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We are going to find out if we are as sophisticated as the South Hill and Downtown or even the Northside for that matter. Twigs is finally getting up the courage to bring its eclectic menu and massive martini list out to the Valley. It is noteworthy that this Spokane based  eatery has waited this long to come out to here which shows they are fairly savvy. Or they have been fairly savvy up to now.

The Valley is void of any of the smaller Northwest or Spokane chain restaurants  like say a C.I. Shenanigans, or Cyrus O’Leary or Clink’s. I remember Rock City gave it a go several years ago but didn’t make it long. The Mustard Seed and Old European lasted years but eventually h pulled up stakes out here and settled for greener areas around Spokane. These guys are very good operators that don’t usually make mistakes like trying to make it in the Valley.

The three I mentioned who did try the Valley were all located on Sprague while Twigs is going in at the Mall where T.G.I.F used to be located. Let’s hope that makes the difference . Twigs is all about cutting edge cuisine and atmosphere and martini’s while the Valley is all about standing in line for a burger at the Red Robin or stuffing themselves at the Old Country Buffet. It will be very interesting to see if Twigs can stay on a roll and conquer the Valley as it has other parts of Spokane or if the Valley will continue its streak of defeating anyone who doesn’t belong to a franchise large enough to have their own semi trucks hauling in frozen food from a central processing plant back east. I am rooting for Twigs but they are up against a formidable foe.