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     Perry Vinson who owns Alert Distributing, the local Red Bull distributor, purchased the business and property at the Home Plate location at Liberty Lake. He changed the name to True Legends and plans to have three main areas featuring show business and sports legends. One dining area will have a movie and T.V. theme, the other dining area will feature the music industry and the bar will be sports.

He said he is working on a new menu that will be heavy on seafood and steaks. He was meeting with a contractor to get started on a large patio area the day we were there. Next he is going to build some interior walls to make the place less open and more family friendly. Perry worked for Chapter 11 for several years and so he has experience in the hospitallity field.

I remember back in high school working at the old Golden Hour with him when we were both lowly busboys. It seems kind of funny that we both wound up owning our own places. Their must have been something in the wine bottles we used to sneek a drink from after the place closed down and we were cleaning up. That was back when it was all fun and no worries, now for Perry it’s all business and keeping an eye on guys like us.

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