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For the fourth time in for years another operator is making a run at Norm Thomson’s old Bottom’s Up location. Will this new guy make it? Well if anybody can he should but I am not sure anybody can at that spot. I do not know what Norm was thinking when he bought the building and opened the Bottom’s Up about 4 or 5 years ago. That location is far from Valley central and it is a drive across the tracks that I do not want to make with a few drinks in me. But I realize that people will drive anywhere if the bulb is bright enough, we are like moths in that regard.

The new operator has been around and he knows what he is doing. His name is Steve Manning, if I got it right, and he has done alright around here in the hospitallity trade. Years ago he opened Hunters in Couer d Alene which is still going strong in Post Falls. Later he was a third owner in the Blue Fin and Moxie joints downtown and so he has a proven track record. He also owns the Capri Hair Salon in the Valley and so I would say he is a savvy entrepenoir and probably knows a lot more than I do.

Location aside, he is off to a sound start. The place now looks great after a couple of loosing engagements. His menu looks sound and I know the ribs I had were to die for. Word is that he is going to set up a Wii station and may do some karaoke which is all good. For now the place is done with live music and DJ’s which is probably for the best.

I have never given that location much of a chance but you never know what can happen at any given time or spot and so he may very well know just what he is doing and I certainly hope that he does. Good luck is what I say.