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Having been trying for the last 30 Valentines to find romantic spots to dine on the most important dinner night of the year, I was amazed at our good fortune last night at The Black Pearl.

Due to a scheduling snafu, Elaine  discovered we had the night off from the family at about 5:30 when she got off work. She thought we should go out for dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Eve since she worked late the next night. She called on her way from downtown and asked me to think about a place.

I knew she would want some place special that would compliment our romance which can  flare like a Piccolo Pete on Valentine’s Day.I was thinking Timber Creek Buffet would be the perfect metaphor for the smorgasboard of love we share between us. Perhaps the ribs at Charlie P’s to honor God’s ultimate gift exchange when he swapped Adam a rib for Eve. It would make the perfect eucharist for lovers like us, or at least for a manly rib lover like me.

I kept my ideas to myself and I told her I would think about it while she was getting  home. But with an attention spanning maybe an inch, my mind moved on between my goodbye and hers.

Luckily, she rescued our hastily scheduled but crucial, must-win annual dining event with a suggestion even more brilliant than my own secret ideas. I was impressed. We had stopped in the other day at The Black Pearl but  only had the chance to look at the menu during our brief visit.

It was an impressive and tempting look, worthy of a second. Cost effective with lots of tempting choices for both of us, just what we like to see in a menu. Everything is reasonable. None of the other places that advertise Valentine Dinner Specials can match The Pearl’s pricing. We could have gotten loaded nacho’s for $9.99 which would have gotten my vote Valentine dinner or not had we been there during Happy Hour when they are half price.

Beyond a menu worthy of the sacred supper, The Pearl has class. I would say it is right up there at the top of the local class. Once cost has been factored in, it is the Valley’s Valedictorian of Valentines Value.

It’s three parts, casino, lounge and restaurant, are upper class but comfortable. The staff is well dressed, attentive and friendly, complimented by their surroundings of  rich woodwork, atmosphere lighting and stylish furniture.

I liked the second to the last buddy bar in the lounge where I  sat facing the door and could watch the game room behind a glass wall to my left and the long, well-appointed bar to my right. With Elaine sitting between them in my field of vision, there was no possibility of being bored.

None of this back drop was so distracting that it drew undue attention. But there were brief moment’s during Elaine’s retelling of her day in sometimes numbing detail that my attention wandered left to the more interesting gamers and then drifted right to the more colorful bar. But that just about never happened.

I have not made it through 30 Valentines by not paying attention to my sweetheart, but The Pearl is a place that makes it easier and more interesting to look into her eyes while looking occasionally beyond. It is also a place that delivered the perfect romantic dinner for the right price. She got Coconut Prawns for $7.99 which were quite good. I know because she shared two with me.

I got my beloved ribs for $9.99 and they were quite good which Elaine knows as well because I also shared. I cannot be more generous because as much as I love her, she is no better than God, and so like Adam, I will only give up one of my ribs.

This plate has love written all over it. The decadent steak fries were the big ones with lots of salt and seasoning. This great and sinful slaw had a tangy taste and  terrific texture. Neither God nor my divine wife, could get me to part with more than one rib off this plate from me. And if they were both sitting there, they would have to share it between them.

This plate has love and lust written all over it. The decadent steak fries were the big ones with lots of salt and seasoning. The great and sinful slaw at the top of the plate had a tangy taste and terrific texture that forced me to eat every last piece of cabbage and carrot.  I never have to share any coleslaw with Elaine because it is on her do-not-disturb list. The french fries are another matter. Neither of us can resist the forbidden pleasure of poking  deep fried potatoes into our personal dipping sauce blend of tartar sauce and ketchup. I have always tried to be generous when it comes to poking potatoes and I think she likes that about me. But neither God, nor my divine wife, could get me to part with more than one rib off this plate . And if they were both sitting there across from me at the same time, they would have to share that one between them.


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I believe most hospitality establishments are like people in that nearly all have something incredible to offer the world if only the world can find that often hidden, in fact often buried treasure even the crustiest curmudgeon has to offer. The Black Pearl in the Spokane Valley is certainly no curmudgeon and it has a lot of great food and drinks to offer in plain sight on the menu, but one has to get up at least kind of early in the morning to find what I found because it is only on the breakfast menu.
Their seafood omelet is the rare, sought-after black pearl among the ivory pearls their worthy kitchen offers. Every time I eat breakfast at a new place, I always peruse the menu with gaurded optimism as I seek my favorite type of omelet. Seldom is my seafood search successful and so when on occasion my dispirited, almost desperate quest is rewarded with a genuine seafood omelet on the menu it is my selection without fail. Normally I get so excited when I find it that I begin waving frantically to the waitress to quickly return and take my ecstatic order so that no time is wasted in getting that thing in front of me.
What finally showed up after perhaps 10 minutes that seemed like ten hours was pure pleasure on a plate. I nearly never see food like that and I did not see this precious pearl of an omelet for long as it quickly disappeared beneath my nose as one forkful forcefully followed another down my throat with such speed that that little hot-dog-eating Oriental dude would not have dared challenge me that morning to a seafood omelet eating contest. At least not if it was the Black Pearl’s omelet.

This photograph is a show of sheer unimaginable willpower as every atom in my body screamed out to have the atoms in that omelet join them. While I had to pause for a pic, I said to hell with a prayer. Almost faster than the light from my Droid’s flash could subside, this beautiful masterpiece and I were one.

Like a ravenous lion ripping the hot, bloody meat from the quivering, still-twiching body of a barely-dead Zebra with hungry hienas hovering nearby, I could hear my animal subconscious growl menacingly at my nerdy, blogger side that had to interrupt my feeding frenzy to take this picture. But I had to take it. Who would ever believe the chef’s generosity with the fresh and very real crabmeat. And I knew a thousand words gushing on and on from my pen could not capture the rapture of this gift from God like one quick picture. After I had devoured the entire omelet and a spotless plate stared back at my eyes so bulging I could barely blink, I forced them to shut as I took a moment to offer up a slightly belated but all the more heartfelt prayer of thanks for the bounty that had been set before me.

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