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  An explosion will be going off at 2 this afternoon at the corner of Sprague and Raymond. This is not a bomb threat.The explosion will be one of creativity and talent and individualism and self expression as the second annual Hopped Up on Art outdoor festival gets started. Talk about a talent show.
   The first one last year was a huge success and so the main organizer, my son Jesse Swanson, decided to build on it this year.
     Last year there were 4 bands. This year their will be 7 bands and 4 acoustic singer/songwriters. That in itself is crazy. If you stop and think that every single person performing today is a dedicated and talented musician who loves their art, that in itself is a lot of creativity and talent and self-expression.
    Then you have all the painters and photograghers and sculptors and carvers  who will be displaying their works. Having a child who is one of them, I am in awe of their passion and drive to express themselves through the artistic talent that God gave them which they dedicate themselves to develope. This year’s gathering of artists will be more than double last year’s.
   This is not Hopped Up Brewery’s festival, that is just the fortunate business where the festival has been held the first two years. Though it was Jesse’s idea and he is the driving force behind it, the festival is not his either. This festival belongs to the local community of artists that Jesse has helped organize and bring together for the day.
   As they perform and display their art for all who attend, they will also be visiting and celebrating amongst themselves. They all share a bond as artists and this would be a fun day for them irregardless, but it helps to have the party at a brewery.
   Next year Jesse wants to spill the party out into the street and over into University City North’s parking lot. He wants  10,000 to attend. Judging by last year’s blow out attendence and this year’s sign up of talent, today’s festival should be the next step to building a local annual event that lives up to his ambitions that are as big as his talent. Those are two things every father likes to see in his son.