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   The rumor mill has been churning over the goings-on over at Bottom’s Up. The other day Scott Lane asked me if it was true that Elaine and I were going in there, I told him not that we knew of. Yesterday, Elaine talked to Norm Thomson, who owns the building, and got the straight scoop.

  Steve Manning, who was involved with The Blue Fin and Moxie downtown and owns the Capri Hair Salon, has signed a lease and is remodelling the building. He is giving it some fresh paint, new carpet, enhancing the porch and has taken out the stage. Apparently he is doing away with the entertainment and plans to serve high quality food. He is going to be open from 4 to 10.

    We got involved in the rumors because he is going to call his new place the Rock. Since our old place was the Rock Inn and a lot of people called it the Rock, that was enough to get the truth all screwed up.