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I am a bit of a public recluse in that I enjoy sitting in public places by myself either reading the paper or doing something on my computor like right now as I sit at the Rocket Bakery composing this note. On weekends I normally have a couple of hours to burn before my late-rising family gets up and at ’em and so it works out best when I leave the premises and let things remain quiet in the house.

I used to do McDonald’s because they had great WI FI and I got an added bonus one day when the cashier apparently had bad eyesight and assumed I was an old geezer and gave me the senior coffee discount. Offended at first, I took it on the chin and  then always asked for it after that since they had the nerve to assume I was 55 when I was only 52. But lately since I get WI FI on my Droid, I have the freedom of going anywhere and so I tried out Burger King and I’ll be doggoned if the cashier didn’t mistake me for an old duffer there as well and insisted on giving  me the senior coffee discount. Though the truth stings, I am now a Burger King regular since their senior coffee is an even 50 cents with tax.

So this morning with my family in bed and time on my hands, I headed over to the Argonne McDonald’s for old time’s sake. It is really a nice place to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy a little public privacy.They have some cozy booth tables on the west side by the playland. But then I changed my mind mid-stream and headed down the road a little further to try out The Rocket Bakery.

Thinking about blogging Valley coffee shops, I have been perusing a few lately. So far this place has by far the best decor and atmosphere. Though I have been in here many times to fetch Elaine her beloved No-bake cookies, I had not noticed that they had enlarged the upper sitting area and added a fireplace. Ernest Hemingway could have written The Sun Also Rises while sipping coffee in a setting such as this. The antique wooden tables along the walls all have reading lamps and convenient plug ins nearby. Unlike all the other coffee shop/delis that I have been to so far, the Rocket has carpeting and not a hard surface floor which makes it much warmer.

Another thing The Rocket in the Valley has going for it is Millwood. I doubt if there is another coffee shop with a nicer view across the street.  Three large picture windows in the sitting area look out this early morning to a well trimmed lawn glistening with dew as a dozen or so seagulls wander around doing whatever seagulls do. The picturesque deciduous trees that Millwood is bless with, as opposed to the coniferous Pines the rest of the Valley endures, convenientley hide the paper mill from sight and shade the Rocket from the glare of the early morning sun.

I am not a connoisseur of coffee drinks or lattes and frappes and such. In fact I don’t know what most of them are. I just like a good cup of joe which the Rocket has. But this is where the Rocket sputters for me. First, they charge me $1.50 for a 12 oz. cup which is the most that I have been charged so far in my survey of Valley coffee houses and then they charged me 38 cents for a refill. I didn’t know that was even legal. At any rate, I know it is not ethical. I guess it costs a few cents more to be able to enjoy such a rich setting.

Lucky for the Rocket that I do not live in Northwood, where they have plenty of well heeled customers I’m sure, because I would shoot past this place for my regular morning coffee and hit the old Burger King. But if I did live in the vicinity, I would fatten Elaine up by frequently picking up her favorite treat which I am about to do now as I head out the door to go home and roust my sleepy little girl out of bed by wafting a No-bake cookie under her little nose.

The Sun also rises at The Rocket, it just doesn't get to blind the customers as the friendly trees across the street kindly shade the shop from its shine.

They got some mighty tempting morsels at this place. One of these tasty little hummers is about to fly out the door.

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