Good Job, Black Diamond.

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Uncategorized



Elaine  and I had the good fortune to attend a trial run night at the Black Diamond just before  it opened four and a half years ago. While eating free food is always good fortune, the truly fortunate part was meeting Steve and Kenna Legalt who were preparing to open their new billiards/ restaurant /bar establishment where McQ’s had been  hustling in the pool hall business  for several years.

There really is nothing not to like about this hard working down-to-earth couple, but what I  find exemplary about them as operators as I watch them over time is how much pride they have in their place and how they have worked so hard at tweaking and improving it.

They have worked harder than any other owners that I know of at constantly  upgrading their establishment and trying new things. Many owners shoot their wad just to open up and then lack the energy and ambition to keep their building clean and maintained, let alone making any improvements which nearly all places this side of Red Robin need.

The Legalts have been the opposite and they have wound up with what I would consider one of the nicest places to go for a drink or a meal or just some fun. If you want proof, go into your favorite local, independent hospitality place and look and smell carefully about the room the owners have set aside for you to answer nature’s call. Then do the same at the Black  Diamond.

While there are those unfortunate occasions when no one can do anything about the odor but hand out nose plugs, in a Diamond can, the offensive odor is gone not long after the offender has left the room. Having been every place and used everyone’s privy, I  rate the Diamond’s at number one or maybe number two, and, all jesting aside, an establishment ‘s bathrooms give you the straight poop about how much the owners care about their place and their guests.

If you need further proof about how much the Legalts care, go play a game or two of shuffleboard there on one of the Valley’s only shuffleboards. After scouring Craigslist for months Steve  finally found an old one in a guy’s basement for $1,000. It took 7 men to get it out of that basement and into Steve’ s where he sanded and sanded with a palm sander. Then he he carefully and painstakingly applied 6 coats of varnish.

Slide that little whatcha-ma-call it down the board and see how far it glides and keep in mind that you are looking at in that one instance the results of more effort and pride than a lot of owners will put into their places their entire career, and that is why I say very good job Steve and Kenna, you are to be commended.

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