A Good Time for a Good Cause June 23rd at The Roadhouse

Posted: June 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Last year I tried to get my friend, Fred Lopez, to go to the Eddie Money concert at Daley’s Cheap Shots. Since I was also friends with the show’s promoter, Joey Shaloe, and had helped him with marketing the event, he gave me tickets for Elaine and myself. I also convinced Joey to give me two tickets for Fred and his wife Melanie. Fred told Mel to go and have fun but that he was not into that kind of thing. Funny how things change.
The reason that I told Joey that he should give Fred the tickets was because Fred had just bought the old Hotties building and was busy with remodelling it into what would become the Roadhouse. Joey had worked for Scott Lane, the owner of Hotties, doing sound off and on for several years. Joey had always told me that the building at North 20 Farr ,which was once a Sea Galley restaurant, was the best venue in the Valley for concerts.
Having owned The Rock Inn, a Valley night club, for four years, I knew that concerts were a night club owner’s best friend. The biggest name that we ever got was blues artist, Curtis Salgado. The beauty of it was that all I had to do was let Dave Green, a local promoter, use my building for free. He advertised the show and sold the tickets and took the risk and I got to sell my food and drinks to his crowd.
Normally we had to fork out $400 bucks a night for local bands. I told Dave that he was welcome to use the Rock Inn any time he wanted. That is why I told Fred that he needed to attend the Eddie Money concert to see what kind of potential his new place was going to have. But Fred said he didn’t like crowds. Turns out that he missed a great concert but he figured it out anyway.
I sat just one table away from Fred and Melanie last Tuesday at the Roadhouse during the Lauren Alaina concert. The place was packed from 4 in the afternoon until after the concert which started at 7:30. Not bad for a week night. Alaina was runner-up a few years back on American Idol and she put on a great show that was free to the public and free to the Roadhouse. Not bad for any night.
I could tell Fred was having a great time like everyone else. Actually, I knew he was probably much happier than anyone else since his business was benefiting by great talent sponsored and promoted on someone else’s dime. It seemed he was glad to be there despite the fact that a year before this was not his kind of thing and despite the fact that Tuesday also happened to be his birthday, which he also claims to not be his thing.
Now on June 23nd, less than a year after Fred decided not go see Eddie Money, Eddie Money is coming to see Fred. The place will be packed again and so I know Fred will be happy to see him, though this will be a benefit concert for Eddie’s drummer Glenn Symmonds and so a portion of the Roadhouse profits will go to the cause of paying Glenn’s cancer treatment bills.
Joey, who is Eddie’s road manager, and now also a friend of Fred’s, will once again be running things. Another new friend of Fred’s, Sammy Eubanks, will be out on the patio tomorrow starting at noon. They got to know each the past few months because Sammy has been headlining the Roadhouse’s new Thursday night Blues night that came about just as Blues At The Bend closed it’s doors and left Sammy without his weekly night there.Talk about good timing.
With live music 5 nights a week and the occasional concert thrown in, Fred’s Roadhouse has become the Valley’s, if not all Spokane’s, premier purveyor of good timings to be had by hundreds if not by all. Not bad for a guy who claims to hate birthday parties and big crowds.

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