The Blue Kat steps up to Bat in the Spokane Valley

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Opening Business in Spokane Valley

The last time I wrote a blogpost about a couple of new places I took a little unexpected heat. The owner of Holly Rock, one of my subjects, weighed in with a comment within 30 minutes and Fred Lopez who owns The Ref commented first thing the next morning. Neither were appreciative of my musings about their establishments. I guess that blog taught me that owners not only know how to read, but also that they find my blog interesting, though perhaps not entertaining, when they are the subject.
What I found interesting was that I ended up writing a long article on Fred for my Scoop newsletter and then another blogpost reviewing the newly opened Ref and we became pretty good friends in spite of all my writing and critiquing. I am sure he was more surprised than me because I already knew that I was a decent chap, while he had to get to know me beyond my caustic comments concerning his career choice. Once he did that, everything was fine. While I pretty much follow the Thumper Rule and only say nice things about an establishment, I have been known to get on my soapbox and preach about the road to hell by way of opening a new bar or niteclub. This does not make entertaining reading for the brave few who have already committed to that sort of venture.
So I kept all this in mind one day when I got a phone call out of the blue, well actually it was out of the Blue Kat where Jesse Martinez was standing as he talked to me on his cell phone. He had found my ad in Craig’s List about my drafting services and he asked if I could draw plans for the nite club he was working on in the vacant space where Habitat For Humanity had been next to Halpin’s in the Valley. Little did he know that he was talking to Spokane Valley’s self-appointed busybody blogger. I told him I was on my way.
Upon arriving I found a small crew busy at work and quite a ways into the process of converting the space into a niteclub. It was actually way bigger than I remembered it and my experience goes back to the days when it was a fitness center back in the early 90’s when we were members. As I went through measuring rooms and hallways for an as-built set of drawings, I was swept by a wave of deja-vu when I came upon the old hot tub I had soaked in back in the days when my biceps were bigger and my belly was smaller which meant it was quite a distant memory. The tub is tucked away in a section of the building that won’t be a part of the niteclub which a blessing considering The Blue Kat is aiming for the 35-plus crowd which is often populated by folks wearing plus-size clothes and do not look good with them off their plus-sized bodies.
Once the drawings were completed and Jesse and I had gotten to know each other a bit, I finally told him about my secret identity and how he had been unknowingly revealing all of his plans and dreams to the snoop behind Scoop. I actually knew he would not mind since I had learned from my short experience with him that he, like myself, was a decent chap. I also knew that he was enthusiastic about the Blue Kat and so I predicted with great accuracy that he would be quite eager to help me in my effort to cast whatever spotlight of publicity my humble blog could shine in his direction. I told him he would not need to shield his eyes or don sunglasses to protect himself from the glare of attention the Scoop would shine in his direction. I told him to think of a pin flashlight with a failing battery.
Jesse, who moved to America at age 12 from Paraguay, plans on running a nite club like the Valley has yet to see. For starters he plans on opening only four nights a week, Wednesday through Saturday and opening at 6 on those nights. After measuring the entire space it dawned on me that there was another unique feature about the Blue Kat. “Where’s the kitchen?” I asked him when it finally dawned on me there wasn’t one. He said they planned on using caterers each night. His idea would be to charge a cover at the door that would allow access to the buffet line.
For now he is planning to have a DJ playing Blues and Jazz in the early evening with a live band starting at 9. The live music would not be limited to blues and jazz as it would include classic rock as well. The Blue Kat also features an awesome VIP room complete with plush white leather furniture and private bar, another novelty among the various Valley venues.
Another interesting idea of Jesse’s is to have theme nights where the staff dresses up. For example Jesse said that they have a projected opening target of June 1st or 2nd and they are planning on a Roaring Twenty’s theme for that.
So will all these new ideas add up to a home run? I think Jesse is taking a big swing and he’s got the stuff behind it to clear the fences but it remains to be seen if the ball goes foul or fair. I am not the ump calling the game but rather a fan in the stands who roots on everyone who steps up to the plate whether I think they should have entered the game or not.

  1. Insomnia3d says:

    I drove by coming north on Bowdish and did a total double take when I saw there was what looked like a “hotspot” that I need to check out! Thanks for the “Scoop” See you there!

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