The Luxury Box has the best happy hour going

Posted: December 3, 2010 in Spokane Valley Bars
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When the Luxury Box opened this summer, they picked up a bit of a bad rap for high prices in the bar but it really wasn’t warranted. Their price for well drinks was $4 , which was 50 cents higher than the rest of the Valley bars, but that was because every other bar was serving the cheap stuff like Monarch while the Luxury Box filled their wells with premium labels like Smirnoff and Bacardi .

All the downtown bars and corporate places in the Valley like Applebee’s or The Max have premium brands in their wells and they usually charge more like $4.50, so the Luxury Box was actually a good deal when you compared apples to apples. For a dollar more you could “Lux it up” and get a double which was the best deal going even when you compared apples to oranges. In other words, if I ordered a double vodka and soda from the typical Valley bar I would pay $7 for the cheap stuff while I would pay $5 at the Luxury Box and be getting the good stuff. But all that was lost on us frugal simpletons in the Valley.

Now they have made it easy to figure out that they have one of  the best happy hour deals going in the Valley. During their Happy Hour, (which is a misnomer considering it lasts two hours), you get a premium well for $3 which is pretty much the going rate for the bottom shelf booze that you get at the other bars. Some places are as low as $2.50 and some are $3.50 during Happy Hour. Additionally, you can still “Lux it up” for a buck, which blows everyone else out of the water.

Beer drinkers and hungry folk are covered as well. Domestic drafts are $2 and micros are $3. And they run a special where you can get a personal-sized pizza and a beer for $7.50. Personally, I love to see the Box rolling up their sleeves and rolling back their prices like that little smiley face at Wal-Mart. Now that I have the math figured out, I have no problem giving them my business. I am just “happy our” money goes further at their “happy hour”.
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  1. scott roberts says:

    I find this article missing important facts about the way that the luxurybox used to be Percy’s an establishment that was at this location for 40 years. The management didn’t give percy’s a chance to redo their lease after being established as a go to place for so many people. I believe this is why they got the bad rap not their high prices. I will not spend a red cent in the luxury box.

    • Actually I covered the whole Luxury Box/ Percy’s situation in a blog post on May 22nd (click here). I do think I fairly well understand what transpired for the most part. I do choose to spend some of my time and money at the Luxury Box. Not because I am taking sides, but rather because I choose not to take sides. I know both families and so I know that everyone involved are long time Spokane residents and good people.

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