Last Spring shortly after Charlie P’s opened at Sprague and Vista, I wrote a blog entry declaring my belief that he had opened up with the best menu of any bar in the Valley.(They also have family dining.) After adding a calzone section to his menu recently, Charlie goes to the top of all eateries as far as I am concerned.

It is not that I am a calzone connoisseur. In fact, I almost never order one. But I am a seafood lover and I will try anything new that looks good along those lines. So when I spotted the “Seafood Calzone,” I had to give it a whirl. I already knew he put out the best seafood omelette and fettucine around and so I had high hopes as I hungrily awaited the arrival of this new concoction to my table. I could have waited for hours and it would have been worth every minute.

That first bite was an eye-popping, “OH-MY-GOD!” moment. That calzone deserves the Tony the Tiger “They’re Grrrreat” seal of approval. It instantly became my favorite dish in Spokane. It was the best thing Elaine and I had eaten since Cyrus O’Leary’s stopped making their Shrimp Fromage several years ago. We were so bummed when they took it off the menu and had not found anything like it until that first bite of Charlie P’s seafood calzone.

Now I understand that rich, cheesy and doughy seafood calzones are not for everyone but that wonderful dish is not really the reason that I put Charlie P’s at the top of the list. It is the fact that his kitchen is able to put out dishes that make a seafood lover cry, while out back he is smoking up ribs and chicken and beef that make a barbecue lover pee their pants. I know because I am both and have figuratively done both. In fact, now I am in a culinary conundrum whenever I go there. Which do I order, the ribs that I have been gorging on for several months or the new kid on the block, the seafood calizone?

Charlie P’s ability to offer great barbecue and seafood put him firmly at the top of my list but he doesn’t come close to stopping there and that is why he deserves to be at the top of everyone’s list. He serves broasted chicken that I have often seen tables of six eat nothing but that. His weekend prime rib is always good . He has awesome daily lunch and dinner specials. His menu has anything anyone would want from salads to steaks to burgers and it is all great and reasonably priced.

Charlie P’s is doing great and it is always busy during meal hours but you can usually find several tables available during the off hours which tells me that most of the Valley has not discovered them yet. I say this because the other night I stopped in at Applebee’s on a Wednesday night at 7 and there was a line. I know there was not a line at Charlie P’s at that moment, but there should have been. In fact here should alway’s be one. Applebee’s has great specials and mega advertising and that seems to be just the ticket for Valley. I have eaten there many times over the years and it always pretty good, but not one time have I ever had an oh-my-god moment. Whereas at Charlie P’s I get that every time I order the ribs or the calzone (which almost always all I order because I am fanatical about both). I may have trouble deciding between the two, but I never have trouble deciding where to eat when I am hungry. It is Charlie P’s every time I get to make the call.

this seafood omelette is oozing with good stuf including real crabmeat and scallops


From the Ribs to the fries to beans and bread, this meal is all good

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  1. Jeanne says:

    Charlie has great food, great drinks, and is a warm, friendly atmosphere. Love to go there once a week at least. If you love seafood, you need to try his seafood chowder….it is to die for, and is served on Fridays.

    • Jeanne, If you go in that much then I am sure you would know me by sight since I am still quite a big fan. Last night for example, we stopped in and split the blackened chicken ceasar which is not on the menu but they make it on request.
      Elaine and I love that so much that we eat that meal more than all the other meals we go out to eat combined. Only Charlie P’s would have something so outrageously good and not bother to put it on the menu.
      I believe the blog you commented on is around 2 years old and I still stand firmly behind every word. I have tried the seafood chowder and when it is done a certain way it is mind-blowing, but I did have it once that was not as good as normal and have not revisited it. There are too many things I love to eat there to take any chances on something that is probably easy to get just a little off. Maybe Charlie can buy me a bowl when I tell him about all the people that have read this post since he recently posted a link to it on Facebook.

      • Jeanne says:

        Hi Craig, I didn’t realize this post was that Oh well, I just found it posted on facebook. I think now Charlie makes sure they make that chowder the way he makes it. I pop by there for lunch sometimes on a Friday, and have never had a bad one.
        One of the things I love about Charlie’s is because they do make many things they don’t advertise on the menu, and they try to make things you ask for if they have the stuff to do it. My favorite thing to eat here, depending on who is cooking, but the young guy that cooks does the best, is their steak nachos. Yummy. Their breakfasts are awesome too.
        I probably would recognize you. My friends and I have followed Charlie since he was at a chinese restaurant, and became known as Charlie’s girls. Glad you enjoy the food there, it is a great place to go. Maybe see you at the x-mas party on the 22nd. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Thad Armstrong says:

    I eat at Charlies at least once a week and still have a hard time ordering anything but the daily “steak and bake”. Best in town. Most places give a five ounce steak but at Charlies its at least an 8 ouncer., and so tender you can cut it with your fork. it comes with a loaded baked potatoe or jo jo’s or fries that are dipped in something that makes them stand out from any other in town, and soup or salad. All for 8.95 best value in Spokane period, not just the Valley.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Way to go Charlie. I will try to make it there this month.

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