It’s just too sad

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Meandering Valley Thoughts, Scott Creach

   I kept waiting to get all the facts surrounding the Scott Creach incident before I made a decision on what to make of it all but the facts keep trickling in and they do not add up. So we wait around for a week to find out which officer shot Scott and then we wait a while longer to find out he was vacationing in Montana and then Las Vegas and did not have time to set the record straight for the family and the entire community before he took off his long-planned vacation.
I do not see how  the officer could have one relaxing moment on his vacation knowing that he just shot a pillar of the community that he works for and that there is tempest brewing in that community over the fact that everyone is getting very impatient to hear your side of the story. Honestly, as I mull all of this over, I can see where the officer is suffering and surely wishes he had parked somewhere else that night. I can see where going to visit his mother in Montana might have been therapeutic after such a traumatic episode. But I wonder what he was thinking to be able to jet off to Vegas and come back to give his long-awaited side of the story.
And then we finally get his side of the story and it makes little sense. He is saying that he repeatedly told Scott to drop his weapon and that Scott came up to his police car and belligerently refused to drop his weapon. I am sorry but Scott Creach was not an idiot and I don’t think that anyone believes that he decided to commit “suicide-by-cop”  that evening. But as more and more trickled out, it seems as though Scott did set himself up to be gunned down though he could not imagine  that he would ever be fired upon.

   Scott’s actions were incomprehensible to me that fateful night. When a cop says “drop your weapon” that is just what you do. I have read it all and followed this whole thing from the beginning and I am sad to say that Scott Creach behaved in such a way that he put his life on the line and he lost the most precious thing we all have for no good reason. Sure the cop should not have escalated the episode by striking him with the baton but he is a cop and he acted like you better fear  a cop might act. Scott behaved strong-headed in a situation where he should have been as meek as a lamb to preserve his own existence. He should have put his gun on the ground and simply explained who he was with his hands raised in the air.

  I feel so badly for the family but if that were my dad, I would be pissed off that he did not react to the situation in such a way that he would still be amongst us instead of being buried in Oklahoma. Blame the cops all you want, but cops are cops and we have to understand that they are out there doing their job and they make mistakes at theirs just like we make mistakes on our jobs. But sometimes when they blow it, good citizens can wind up dead.

  1. Alan Creach says:

    Craig, long time no see, I never knew you were that observant or that we shared some of the childhood miseries. But I have to say that I have always thought highly of you and your family even if the last time I remember speaking with you seemed to be off in theological no man’s land. But that aside, it seems that your entering into a questionable area in regards to my Dad with the assumption that he is responsible for his loss of life. A few things I can now say with confidence, Dad was right when he used to quote his Granddad who said “never believe any of what you hear and only half of what you see” that could not be any more true than in the events that surround the tragic shooting death of my father. Here are a few things that you and the rest of the community should know:
    1) Dad’s gun was found well behind him and well away from his right side
    2) The autopsy showed marks on his knees as if he had knelt in the gravel
    3) His flashlight was found under his right side as if he had used it as an aide to kneel down in the gravel and then upon being shot he fell faceforward and rolled over it onto his back
    4) None of the neighbors or my Mother could confirm the existence of any kind of loudly raised conversation although she clearly heard one voice she atributed to her husband that was cut off by the shot
    5) The neighbors who heard the shot immediatly went outside and could clearly see Dad laying in the beam of the spotlight but could not see anyone else standing there. In spite of the fact that the deputy claims he had exited the car and was standing just west of the front bumper
    6) The neighbors who were watching saw the first deputy to arrive on the scene run up to the car as if he were expecting to find someone wounded inside. At no time did they see a second individual standing outside the car until other deputies and vehicles started arriving
    7) Dad was shot at a distance of about 5 feet
    8) From my perspective this investigation has given this deputy the benefit of the doubt,and is full of gaping holes, beginning with the authorization from the investigating team to take a nine day hiatus before collecting a statement, and ending with the lack of several key elements such as polygraphs, officer blood and urine test and past performance history in Spokane County and Kootenai County, as well as a host of others.
    Finally Dad always like to tell me, and keep in mind he did not even have a traffic ticket on his record, ” The law is not a terror to the innocent” He could not have been more wrong

    • Alan, I have a degree in journalism and so I am aware that you can not believe all that you read. The press has an agenda and so do their sources. That is why I waited so long to say anything about the shooting but quickly wrote what I did know about your father. You might say that my September 2nd blog was my way of putting a momento on one of those impromtu shrines the mourning public creates at the scene of a tragic death.
      I also ran a night club for 4 years and I saw many times the way police would handle people who they percieved as unruly, second-class citizens. From the news reports I gathered that Hirzel percieved your father as such and and treated him with that over-bearing, disrespectful,
      don’t-even-think-about-challenging-my-authority manner.
      Nobody likes to be treated that way and I can see where your father would have found it completely foriegn and maddening after years of being treated more fairly by the police. That is why when I pieced all the reports together it seemed that your father acted naively. Also, it is interesting that it was brought out by the police and duly covered by the paper that your father had kind of an Old West philosophy which made it seem more plausible that he would actually go for his gun when struck by the baton (which was an action that was beyond the realm of believablity other than momentary insanity).
      But now you bring to light a lot of things that none of us had heard before. You have obviously thought about it over and over and over again. But these new revelations are news to me and so I am hesitant to piece together a new hypothesis, though I am more than willing to throw out my old one and start from scratch.
      It sounds like you are suggesting that your father did set his gun down and that he was kneeling in compliance, unarmed at the time he was shot and that Hirzel shot him from inside his car. Am I getting that right? That scenario is even more disturbing and incomprensible. It raises the big question that I know you have been asking all along. What kind of person is Herzel and why did he shoot your father?

  2. Alan Creach says:

    Lets have coffee this morning.

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