A Potential Valley Night Scene Mecca

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Spokane Valley Bars

   O.K. it is long shot but wouldn’t it be nice to have  some place in the Valley that you could just walk from one happening night spot to another without having to drive down Sprague for several miles and risk life and a D.U.I. ? Downtown is full of such opportunities but you have to drive there and back to be able to barhop on foot. There has always been one obvious potential spot in the Valley and a few years back when Percy’s was rolling and Hotteez was actually hot and the Monkey Bar was staying the course as it always has, the old University City area was our lone opportunity to stroll around sans auto.  

   Things are off to a slow start at the Luxury Box, which has taken over the Percy’s location, but things should pick up once summer is over. Hotteez is trying to re-ignite and has been known to draw a crowd from time to time these days. Eric at the Monkey Bar is doing his part as he has all along and so there is hope that this triangle of night life might rise up to its past. But last night I saw a new spot down on Sprague and Vista that has gone to the top of my wish list.

   Up until last night, the Fubar, which is the latest reincarnation at our old location, has been a pretty lonely spot. But with the help of a KZZU remote and the Shock championship game, they got a great crowd. After the remote they had an exceptional band but the place was a little empty so we walked across the street to eat some great food at Charlie P’s. The place was packed with people who had just taken advantage of all the drink specials at the Fubar and were hungry like us.

   Some stayed and sang karaoke but a lot of them made their way back across the street to go dancing.  If only Charlie P’s was across the street when we ran Rock Inn four years ago. We always got great crowds on the weekends, but I am sure we would have done better with a good bar across the street. It would have just been another reason for partiers to make Sprague and Vista the destination. Maybe even get a cab ride there and back.

   I am pretty sure that Charlie P’s is a survivor and I am hoping that the Fubar will also be a success. The owners are really nice guys and it would be nice for us all to have two places for the price of one. Gas isn’t cheap these days and neither are D.U.I.s.

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