The Fubar is now a part of the game

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Opening Business in Spokane Valley
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The Fubar which is located at our old place at Vista and Sprague put out the open sign last Friday night. This should be interesting. Both of the new owners are really nice people. They should be allowed to do well. But given the location,the time of year, the economy and the volatility of the niteclub biz, it is not a given that all will be well. In fact the odds are against that. But God bless them and the horse they rode in on.

People always ask me how long I think a place will make it. “L if I know,” is always my answer. If they have a lot of money to lose then they may be able to last however long it takes to get established. That’s the key. Anyone can make it if they can afford to lose money for at least two years. That is the magical number, as far as I am concerned. It takes two years in this biz to get established and you have to be able to pump money into it for that long. Simply put, If the owners of the Fubar have the resources to cover their losses for 2 years then they will do fine in the long run. If not, they are goners. It’s that simple. If they have the bucks to run it out then they just might make it, if not they will go the way of all the other well-intentioned owners at that location. It’s all about the depth of  their pocket-book. If it has legs, they might make it. If it is skinny and shallow, then they will not survive. But the depth of their resources is a private matter and only that will tell the tale.

  1. Dissatisfied says:

    So, I decided to check out this place, the old Rock, Plantation, MAX, etc. – too many places to count. I figured maybe this time they could make a go of it.
    Well, I walked in at 10:30, went straight to the bar and sat down. Checked out the band until they went on break at 10:55. In that time NOBODY acknowledged me. NOTHING.
    No one asked if I wanted a drink, nobody said “hi” – nothing. WTF is up with that? Why would I EVER go back to a place that can’t be bothered to aknowledge a customer SITTING AT THE BAR no less?
    Was a young guy bartending and a couple of waitresses in and out. Pretty sad. The place before the FuBar wasn’t much better service wise, but at least they did have hot servers. I KNOW I could have been proactive and got his attention, but after about 5 minutes, it was more like a test to see if he’d ever come over, and he didn’t. Another place on the way out if they don’t get thier act together.
    The band was pretty good, a mix of country and rock. Two women singers was kind of unique, but the readerboard on Sprague only said “Country. Classic Rock.”. No band nome or anything. Another odd thing — I saw a lot of people at tables getting into the music, but nobody was dancing! One or two couples and that was it. Why sit at your table rocking, bopping and singing along, but not getting up? I mean an empty floor makes the house look dead! Get off your ass and shake it!

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