Twigs is going in at the Valley Mall

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Opening Business in Spokane Valley
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We are going to find out if we are as sophisticated as the South Hill and Downtown or even the Northside for that matter. Twigs is finally getting up the courage to bring its eclectic menu and massive martini list out to the Valley. It is noteworthy that this Spokane based  eatery has waited this long to come out to here which shows they are fairly savvy. Or they have been fairly savvy up to now.

The Valley is void of any of the smaller Northwest or Spokane chain restaurants  like say a C.I. Shenanigans, or Cyrus O’Leary or Clink’s. I remember Rock City gave it a go several years ago but didn’t make it long. The Mustard Seed and Old European lasted years but eventually h pulled up stakes out here and settled for greener areas around Spokane. These guys are very good operators that don’t usually make mistakes like trying to make it in the Valley.

The three I mentioned who did try the Valley were all located on Sprague while Twigs is going in at the Mall where T.G.I.F used to be located. Let’s hope that makes the difference . Twigs is all about cutting edge cuisine and atmosphere and martini’s while the Valley is all about standing in line for a burger at the Red Robin or stuffing themselves at the Old Country Buffet. It will be very interesting to see if Twigs can stay on a roll and conquer the Valley as it has other parts of Spokane or if the Valley will continue its streak of defeating anyone who doesn’t belong to a franchise large enough to have their own semi trucks hauling in frozen food from a central processing plant back east. I am rooting for Twigs but they are up against a formidable foe.

  1. Scott Cook says:

    I am suprised that a self proclaimed Spokane Valley native has such a jaded and cynical view of the Valley or of it’s residents. I do have a few issures with your blog that I would like to address. Ambrosia Bistro has been in the Valley since 2006, and in fact we will celebrate our 4th anniversary in December. I would say that 90% of our guests are Valley residents, and have supported our efforts to bring a higher standard of food and service here. As a 16 year veteran of the Spokane restaurant scene, I find it humorous that you chose to use the operators that you did as examples. There are many reasons that most of them didn’t open a restaurant in the Valley or their restaurants closed, but being in the Valley isn’t one of them.

    • Inge says:

      Right on!

    • First of all, I am not a “”self-proclaimed Spokane Valley native.” I just am one. When you have lived in one place for 51 years you do not have to self proclaim it, it is just a fact. Secondly, you have obviously not been around the Valley all of your life or you would understand my skepticism.
      Very good for you that have prevailed in the Valley these past four years but if you had asked me at the get-go, I would have told you to try your fantastic endevour on the South Hill or North Division. It is a credit to you that you have found a following in the Valley. There is not a doubt in my mind that you would have done better somewhere around Windemere.
      But I am glad that you condescentently found humor in what I had to say. I have gone to your place since your comment and I stand by my opinion that the Valley as whole does not have the refinement to give a place such as yours and perhaps Twigs the kind of overwhelming support that you merit. Hopefully I am wrong and you are making money hand over fist and Twigs will soon be doing the same.

  2. John Bronden says:

    FYI: The Mustard Seed didn’t pull up their stakes and leave the Valley. They lost the lease on their building. They are still looking for a new location in the Valley.

    • They are certainly being cautious and I do not blame them. It has been quite a while since Winco pushed them aside. I know that before they left they were telling customers that the corridor had not been good to them. At least that is what one of the owners told my mother. If you don’t land at the mall, where do you invest hundreds of thousands in the Valley?
      The owners have to believe in two things, well maybe three. First they must believe in the Mustard Seed which they have good reason to and then they must believe in the Valley which they can if they want but it is not North Division or Seattle. I was raised right here and after 51 years I still call it home but I would not plant a Mustard Seed just anywhere.
      Lastly they must believe in the economy at present which might be the main reason they have not gotten back into the Valley game. At any rate, I love their cuisine and hope they put up their shingle around here soon.

  3. really? says:

    I think what people are trying to say is that it is interesting that you would choose to write a blog about the Spokane Valley since you are so cynical and pessimistic about the place. The restaurant industry is a difficult one, and restaurants come and go all the time. I don’t think it is fair for you to comment negatively on the level of sophistication of the Spokane Valley residents as a whole, even though you have lived there your entire life. You have obviously seen the progress that has been made and benefitted from the increase in prosperity so maybe you should use your position to help continue that process.

    • Give me a break. Yes, I choose to write a blog about the Spokane Valley. And that is all it is – a blog. Which means it is just my meandering thoughts that I guess some people think are important enough to to comment on. Well I am flattered that I got enough of a rise out of you to take me to task but I stand by my assertion that the Valley is a tough place to do business. I tried to serve the Valley great food for four years and watched them dine at Old Country Buffet and turn up their nose to the cuisine I poured my heart and soul into. I speak from experience. Eventually we were successful, but I will never forget or forgive how the Valley supported the Red Robin and Applebee’s and Old Country Buffet night after night while my parking sat empty.
      Perhaps it is not so much that the Valley is unsophisticated as it is that people follow the herd because they are the herd. You can be offended that I think that Valley folk are fools when it comes to their dining-out habits. Would it help you out that I think that all of America is led by the nose to the chain restaurants who can afford to play the siren songs of mass advertising on radio and t.v.
      You could put a Twigs anywhere in L.A. and it would succeed. Not because they are smarter there, but because there are so many people there that there would be enough to discover and support such a great establishment. The Valley is a rural area filled with folks that watch t.v. and listen to radio and decide where to dine based upon what the mass media inudates them with. I do not think the Valley is populated with idiots, I think the Valley is a spread out community filled with typical Americans.

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