Memorial Day marks the beginning of summertime blues

Posted: June 2, 2010 in entertainment

   Summer time is an unpleasant time of the year for bars in general and night clubs in particular. When we owned the Rock Inn, I hated the summer weekends. A big part of our business was the dancing/live music on Friday and Saturday nights. When it was cold we were hot, when it was hot we were cold.

   I remember learning this our first summer after opening on Halloween and enjoying months of full-house weekends. It was like a new hot spot opened up on Memorial Day just down the road and and stole everybody away. I soon learned that my new competion in the summer around here was called “The Great Outdoors”. It does one heck of a business all summer long.

   After that first Memorial Day, my dancing and praying had to with trying to summon up rain for the weekends. But around here, folks seemed to prefer drinking beer in their tents and trailers and cabins on weekends whether it rains or not. The Fourth of July was always a low water mark and then the dry days of August just about dried up the local watering holes on weekends. It is particularly tough on nightclubs like ours that catered to an older crowd who all seemed to have the means to get out of town every weekend.

   I remember being so glad when Labor Day was finally over and then discovering that the dry summer period wasn’t over around here until after the Fair was done. It was agony that first year. And then around the first of October every body came back looking tan and ready to party. I know we sure were.

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