Starting this time of year, people love to sit outside at their favorite places. Most bars have little more than a slightly sheltered smoking area. Some don’t even have that. But some places have the room and resources and have created nice outside areas. Here is a short review of some of them.

* The Iron Horse has a decent patio. The Robbs have done a nice job with their planter wall that provides some privacy and their fountain is a great touch. They basically had to convert their sidewalk and a piece of their parking lot into a patio and I give them a lot of credit for putting out the money and effort. It was a smart addition to their business.

* Charlie P’s understood the importance of an outside area and put one in when he converted his new place from the old Pizza Hut. I like the grass but it’s a little too unshaded and close to Sprague.

*The Brass Faucet has the coziest and most comfortable outside area. The 6′ wooden fence blocks off Sprague and the nice landscaping and furniture makes it feel like you’re in a nicely kept back yard.

*Scott Reckord at the Scoreboard has it really going on outside. While people can just sit there, they can also play volleyball or horseshoes or dance when there is a band. Those nights the barbeque is going and there is always a big crowd. Most bars suffer when summer comes because people go to the lake or do other things outside. The Scoreboard’s business increases because of his patio.

They will be having a band once a month all summer long . Sammy Ewbanks is usually their guy and he will be kicking off the season June 12th. They usually start early because they have to stop playing at 10. Get there early because it always packs out.

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