The Redbox Phenomenon

Posted: May 4, 2010 in entertainment

   I thought the first Redbox that I saw over a year ago was an amazing concept but it was located at the Albertsons at Trent and Argonne and so I didn’t rent one. I remember thinking I wished there was one close to my house. My wish has certainly come true. There is one at the Holiday convience store that I stop at every other day or so, the Walgreens we drive by every day and the Rosaurs we run in to to get a few groceries at least once a week.

   The things amaze me the way they are hooked up to the internet and use my email address to let me know that I’m getting billed another dollar for forgetting to return once again. I can go online to each box near me to check out its selection and then reserve whatever I want by using my debit card and then pick it up whenever I’m going by.

   Then the machine fascinates me on how sophisticated its internal mechanism must be to instantly find my selection out of the 50 or 60 titles in its little warehouse containing 500 DVD’s and slip it smoothly out the side. The kiosk casing has to be built like an underwater camera considering it has to sit out in the weather and protect the computer and wiring and robotics inside. The one at Walgreen at Pines is located on the west end which gets all the weather and it is completely exposed. I will be in awe to watch it weather next winter’s cold and snow.

    It figures that Redbox is actually a subsidiary of McDonald’s who went into it thinking they could use the machines to attract more customers to the restaurants. Leave it to them to figure out one more way to suck us in.

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