The staff in a bar provides more than service

Posted: May 1, 2010 in advice on owning a bar

   When I had the Rock Inn I considered my staff to be an important part of the atmosphere and I always tried to hire attractive, bright and friendly bartenders and servers. These are attributes that a person has to have naturally. I figured we could train them to give our customers good service but I couldn’t train them to be good-looking or outgoing or smart.

   I hate to say it, but a pretty young gal with a good figure and great personality are the smartest choice for the owner because single guys hang out at bars more than anyone else and they like to look at and flirt with pretty girls. If you want more women to come in, make sure the staff doesn’t show too much cleavage and hire at least one good-looking male bartender. All of your staff should give the lady customers special treatment because you want them to feel at home and special so that they keep coming back. Women customers, like sexy bartenders, attract a bar’s meal ticket: single, horny guys.

   It’s kind of like hiring a smoker or nonsmoker. I pay them the same wage but I get more for my money with the nonsmoker who doesn’t require smoke breaks. A sexy bartender costs me no more than an ugly one but the sexy one adds to the atmosphere a lot more. It is the same with personality and intelligence. A friendly bartender is likely to make friends with people who come in and so that friendship becomes a draw.

   The point is that everything to do with an establishment should be as appealing as possible. You can’t afford to miss a trick and a good looking staff is one of those tricks. The only downside to sexy women is they can be a headache (but so can unsexy women). I know because it took me two years of hiring and firing to eventually come up with a solid, attractive staff. What we eventually aquired  was a staff of women that were simply good-hearted, down-to-earth gals,whose good looks did not seem to make a difference to them. But I knew it made a difference to my pocketbook and to those guys on the other side of the bar.

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