Let me define what I mean by best bar food by saying if I want to go out for a drink and I am hungry, Charlie P’s in the Spokane Valley at Sprague and Vista is my first choice. A lot of places have good food like O’ Doughtery’s and The Iron Horse, and Dianne’s lunch specials at the Sullivan Scoreboard are great, but nobody has the selection of Charlie P’s.

He has juicy barbecued ribs that only O’Doughtery’s can rival, and I know because ribs are my favorite meal. Elaine is a French Dip lover and she said the one she ate there was the best she has had since we closed the Rock Inn. She also loved their pizza. We normally sit at the bar next to the kitchen and I watch a ton of good-looking food go out like broasted chicken and steaks and fettucine and heaping hamburgers. He also has daily lunch and dinner specials, which few other bars take the time and effort to come up with each day.

Charlie spent a lot of money setting up a big kitchen at his new place and I think he put his money in the right place. Every bar has pretty much the same drinks and beer, but he was able to open ahead of the competition with his menu. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into one of those local treasures that is packed all day long serving meal after meal. I have waited since Waffles and More closed years ago for someone to serve a good Seafood omelet in the Valley. Leave it to Charlie P’s to come up with one even better than the one that I had been dreaming about.

Charlie P's on Urbanspoon

  1. […] Last Spring shortly after Charlie P’s opened at Sprague and Vista, I wrote a blog entry declaring my belief that he had opened up with the best menu of any bar in the Valley.(They also […]

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